6th Annual Hockey Tournament

The seventh annual Leap Towards A Cure starts Thursday, August 4th. We have 300 adult hockey players on 20 teams across 5 divisions for a total of 35 hockey games (sanctioned by USA Hockey). The schedule and standings will update automatically as the games finish. The championship games will take place on Sunday afternoon.

If you've missed out on joining a team. That's okay, you can join us at the Stick-N-Puck session Saturday, August 3rd at 3:50pm. This is NOT a pick up game. This is a chance to bring your friends out to the rink and skate in an open format. If you have young hockey players, or significant others, this is a chance to skate with them and pass a puck around. It's 100% free (donations are welcome and appreciated) and you don't have to be a current or previous participant to skate. It's a part of our community festival.

That's right! The Community Festival is back... Thanks to Jilly's Bar and Grill and the Columbia On the Border, it's going to a great time with the usual items present; radar net to check your slap shot speed, targets to check your accuracy, arts and crafts stations, and of course areas to sit around and hang out with your teammates and friends. Plus, this year, we're bringing in our friends from Collide-O-Sphere to setup drop-in Bubble Soccer!!! Again, the Community Festival is 100% free for all that walk into the rink from noon-6pm on Saturday, August 3rd. Donations are accepted and appreciated, but never required.